06 June 2009

flowers, etc., part 10

It has been quite rainy here, as far as Wyoming is concerned, and this increases our enjoyment of the beauty of Thermopolis. This afternoon the rain stopped, and we climbed Owl Creek Road; the shot below is taken from there.

Here are the wildflowers I found along that road:

Yesterday was even rainier when we went to Hot Springs State Park for a walk. The wildflowers which follow I found on the west side of the swinging bridge.

In the background is Monument Hill.

We also went to the Buffalo Pasture to see the Buffalo calves and their mothers.

The next three shots are from other places we've been to in the past week.

Below is a photograph of one of the alleys here in Thermopolis.

Finally, this is what it looked like when the cottonwood trees released their seeds in May.

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