10 June 2009

flowers, etc., part 11

Our oldest daughter and her husband came to visit us from Michigan. They left the sunshine behind and found cold and rainy weather here. When we went to Gebo on the 7th, we experienced hail and mud, so we quickly went back home again. This first shot was taken at Gebo.

It was much sunnier on the 8th, and we had an enjoyable time hiking in the BLM land just north of town on the east side of the river (parts 6 and 7 of this series are from this same area).

The next shot I took near where we parked on the Upper East River Road.

On the 9th, we went to Anchor Dam. The following three shots are all the same bushes. By the way, it hailed again while we were there.

The following photos were taken at the picnic area, on the opposite side of the reservoir from the dam.

On our return trip from Anchor Dam, I took these shots:

Before returning to Thermopolis, we stopped to see the old school house which is just north of WY-170 on the road to Hamilton Dome.
Today, on the 10th, we went to Shoshoni and took the following photographs.

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