18 December 2009

Gebo and beyond

This past Tuesday and today we went to Gebo to see the effects of snow on the scenery. After taking a hike around this ghost town, we got back in the car and headed west until we reached another abandoned coal mining operation. Here is the route we took.

The road below heads south.

Driving west, we stopped to see these abandoned structures:

This is the road we took to the bottom of the hill in the distance.

Just south of the building above, we found the sign below which helped us understand the history of this place.

Click on the photographs to enlarge them.

We decided to climb a portion of the hill pictured above.

I built this miniature tower (below) halfway up the hill to say "Kilroy was here." Then we returned home to my wife's mother to relieve the caregiver who was providing a respite for us.

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11 December 2009

02 December 2009

beyond the Buffalo Pasture, part 5

Yesterday it snowed, and today was quite cold, but we had time for a short hike. So instead of going north as we did in part 1 of this series...

...or going east as we did in parts 3 and 4...

we headed southeast.

Eventually we looped back and got on the road seen in the second photograph above.

If you click on the photograph below to enlarge it, you can see the gate where we parked.

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