24 November 2009

beyond the Buffalo Pasture, part 4

Today we decided to hike up a portion of the hills I photographed in part 3 of this series. We hiked east on the road we've been on before, and then we turned north toward the hills and made our way west, across the tops of the hills, back toward the Buffalo Pasture.

In the background of this first photograph is Monument Hill and Roundtop (looking west).

Way, way in the background in the shot above are the mountains below. This was taken with my digital zoom, so please excuse the graininess.

The hill below is the first one we climbed.

Below is the view looking east from the top of the above hill.
The shot below is looking back at the first hill we climbed.

We stacked up slate rock to mark our trek for future reference.

Below is the mountain we climbed in part 2.

I took the shot below because earlier this year we climbed the butte on the right. Click here for that post.

Don't overlook the ant hill on the right, below.

Here is another slate monument that was built by someone else.

With the afternoon sun in the background, I took this shot.

What follows are shots of a hill we climbed in part 1 of this series. The white is not snow but a part of the rocks.

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