31 December 2008

Water Tower Trail hike, part 1

The Thermopolis Visitor Center has a brochure entitled, "Hot Springs County Hiking Trails." One of these hikes is called the Water Tower Trail. It runs from the south entrance of Hot Springs State Park on Arapahoe Street in East Thermopolis, up to the water towers, and then to Smoky Row Cemetery.

I took the photograph below on Owl Creek Hill Road, just below the communication towers hill, looking east. I was using my daughter's camera with a 12x telephoto lens which allowed me to frame the blue water tower in the bottom left of the shot and the surrounding vista of this Water Tower Trail.
Using the Arapahoe Street entrance to the State Park, you will pass by this scene just after you enter the park.
After you pass the above rock formation, there is a gated service road used by park personnel. There's plenty of room to park your vehicle alongside the road and begin your hike. Immediately opposite the service road is a junk yard similar to the one found at the foot of Roundtop Mountain.

Off to the right of the shot below is the service road.
At the top of the hill in the above picture is the interesting rock formation seen below.
From the above vantage point, I took the two photographs below.

From the hill above Smokey Row Cemetery, I took the shot below of the two water tanks. The blue one is for drinking, and the older one in the foreground is used just for irrigation in the State Park.

Standing near the blue water tank, I took the shot below with Smoky Row Cemetery in the background (click on the picture in order to see the fence around the cemetery) and the irrigation tank in the foreground.

The shot below is looking north.
The shot below is looking southeast.
If it helps, here is a satellite image of the area.

Standing next to the water tower above, I took the shot below of the Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital, looking south.

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30 December 2008

railroad underpass

This railroad underpass (the only one in Thermop) is on Park Street just before the main entrance to the Hot Springs State Park. Click here for a satellite image.