25 June 2010

Arminto, WY and beyond

Halfway between Shoshoni and Casper is the rest stop, and maybe a mile east of that is a place called Waltman. Here is where we turned north on Arminto Road or Natrona Country Road 104. The railroad crossing is on the south side of Arminto. There are no signs, but nothing else is around there.

Arminto, Wyoming
Arminto, Wyoming
Arminto, Wyoming
Arminto, Wyoming
Arminto, WyomingThe above modular home appears to be the only lived-in dwelling place. The old gas pump below is at the other end of this home's property.

Arminto, Wyoming
Arminto, Wyoming
Arminto, Wyoming
Arminto, Wyoming
Arminto, Wyoming
Arminto, WyomingAfter our tour of Arminto, we continued our drive north.

Arminto, WyomingJust after the pavement turns to gravel, we found the information kiosk below which indicates that this is the geographical center of Wyoming. This may be the case, but my trusty Wyoming Road and Recreational Atlas (with 80 big pages of maps) states that it is around 25 miles southwest of here and less than five miles northwest of Castle Gardens in Fremont County.

What causes me to doubt the map on this kiosk is that it places the "you are here" north of Arminto rather than south. Here is the satellite image of Arminto being at the junction of CR-104 and the railroad.

Our new profile picture was taken in front of this kiosk.

Arminto, WyomingJust north of Arminto, the road name changes to Buffalo Creek Road or County Road 105.

Below is the junction of CR-105 (which heads northeast) and CR-109 or Bighorn Mountain Road (which heads northwest). We took CR-109 into the foothills.

At the South Fork of Buffalo Creek (which runs over the road), we stopped to have our picnic lunch.

After eating, we headed home. This is one of the views of the valley where we had been earlier in the day:

With time to kill before our respite from Grandma was over, we stopped in Wind River Canyon and took these shots.

Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

There are two butterflies in this shot. The one on the left has its wings closed.

18 June 2010

Kirby Creek Rd to Buffalo Creek Rd

After experiencing Kirby Creek Road yesterday evening, we returned this morning but without Grandma, due to our respite.

After exploring the creek, we continued south on Kirby Creek Road, as we had done yesterday, and took these shots of flowers:

This photograph shows the descent to Bridger Creek Road:

This is what it looks like from Bridger Creek Road:

We then turned west onto Dry Bridger Road. Here is a satellite view of that junction.

Dry Bridger Road eventually becomes Buffalo Creek Road, and this eventually leads back to Thermopolis.