17 June 2010

Kirby Creek Road

Late in the afternoon, my wife was going stir-crazy, so we packed up Grandma and a picnic supper and went exploring. We drove north on US-20, then east on Black Mountain Road (WY-172) and then south on Kirby Creek Road (Hot Springs County Road 7). Here are some sights along the way.

Note the little stream below.

Finally we arrived at the junction of Kirby Creek Road and Bridger Creek Road, and this is where we pulled out our camping chairs and had our picnic. Here is the satellite view.

This was our view, but the mother cow failed to appreciate our company, and so she left.

This prairie dog, however, stayed around hoping for a snack from our picnic basket.

This was the view behind us:

Here are the photographs I took on the way home:
Note the meandering stream in the photograph above, and don't overlook the road on which we drove in the shot below.

Click here for some interesting information on the Mishurda Mountain Ranches.

These are utility poles with the sun reflecting off of the glass insulators:

Back on Black Mountain Road, I took the following two shots but with different aperture settings. My wife likes them both, and that's why there are two shot of the same view. It was about 8:30 p.m., so I had to use an umbrella to shade the lens from the sun.

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