10 June 2010

Shoshoni, WY, part 5

When the railroad quit running from Shoshoni to Riverton and beyond, the tracks were removed and were replaced with a paved path (for more photographs of this walking trail, see Shoshoni, WY, part 3). This is where we were today, with Grandma and her wheelchair, and here are the shots we took along the way. Isn't springtime beautiful in Wyoming?!

the entrance to one of the many big anthills found in this state (click on photo to enlarge):

Below is the only banking institution I can find in this once thriving community (Atlantic City Federal Credit Union). In the 2000 census Shoshoni had a population of 635.

This is the U.S. Post Office:
downtown Shoshoni, looking northwest (all closed businesses except for the Silver Sage Saloon):

looking northeast (everything stands empty on this side of the street):

I've counted four bars within the city limits and one on the other side of Boysen Reservoir. Below is the drive-up window to another bar which went out of business.

In Michigan, where I'm from, drive-ups were outlawed years ago in an attempt to control alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, Wyoming has one of the highest rates of alcohol dependence or abuse in the nation.

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Steve said...

wait, so you can drive up and buy alcohol?