18 April 2009

Shoshoni, WY, part 3

I was pleasantly surprised to find Shoshoni's recreational area. The colorful playground below is next to one of its baseball diamonds.

Shoshoni, WyomingThe picnic area is superb! While you are using the barbeque to prepare the meal, the children can explore all of the rock formations.

Shoshoni, WyomingHere is a satellite view of the area.

Shoshoni, WyomingThere are two tennis courts and a basketball court.

Shoshoni, Wyoming
Shoshoni, WyomingThe part we like best is the new trail which replaces the railroad tracks on the west side of town.

Shoshoni, Wyoming
Shoshoni, Wyoming
Shoshoni, Wyoming
Shoshoni, WyomingOn the south side of the bridge is a fence which is the product of Wyoming creativity. It's made out of the frames of old farm machinery.

Shoshoni, Wyoming
Shoshoni, WyomingThe shot below is looking back toward town.

Shoshoni, Wyoming
Shoshoni, WyomingThe trail continues on the south side of Shoshoni, paralleling the railroad tracks (above). It continues on to a rest stop (below) which also serves as a bus stop.

Shoshoni, Wyoming
Shoshoni, WyomingThe sign below is located in the rest stop area. The Yellowstone Malt Shop is across the street. It's advertisement reads, "WORLD FAMOUS MALTS AND SHAKES".

Shoshoni, Wyoming
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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

dolan said...

Hey There! "WOW" I do have to say that I never thought I would ever see Shoshoni Wyo on the internet let alone have a webpage for its Adverstisments!! I went to school there in the late 60's and earlie 70's. YES, That was my stomping ground as a youngster. Actually it was a very pleasent place for a young boy to grow up in. My BB-Gun and dog would venture the prerries and sometime not come home till dark. That was a better part of my life. I've been back only a couple of times since then and It sure has changed alot. I once worked at the A&W Rootbeer stand there. Who ever put this up, I would like to say Thanks. Very nice job indeed!!
Dolan Gallier