24 April 2009

T-Hill hike, part 4

The cross in the photograph below is barely visible from a distance, but occasionally my wife and I can make it out when we are enjoying the Bath House. So we decided today to hike up T-Hill and get a closer look.

I took this shot of the Hot Springs terraces (below) with my telephoto lens from the above location.

We could have taken the road, but we thought it would be far more interesting to climb up the hill by following the fence which restricts the buffalo. It does get a bit steep at the top, but you can always steady yourself with the fence.

Below is the view of Monument Hill.

When we reached the end of the fence (above), it was clear to us that we needed to find another way to the summit without climbing the rocks. So we used the path pictured below.

Below is another shot of what it looks like when you reach the end of the fence.

Then we climbed this path to the top:

The fence continues at the edge of the cliff and runs around the perimeter of the summit.
Instead of taking the road down, we found one of the paths made by the buffalo and followed that.

Below is another telephoto shot of the cross with the Star Plunge in the background. The small building just to the right of the cross is where the water is cooled before being sent to other locations within the State Park.

Here are some yellow wildflowers next to buffalo droppings:

These small wildflowers are next to the road:

And finally we got back to the entrance of T-Hill, next to US-20. The sign to the left of the gate says, "WARNING BISON ARE DANGEROUS".

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