27 April 2009

Boysen Reservoir, part 1

Crossing over to the west side of Boysen Dam is the view below. We decided to park the car and hike up the road to see if we could find a way to the summit.

From the road above we enjoyed this view below.

The road switches back and up the mountain. Here is a satellite view of the road.

Above is the view of Boysen Dam from the crest of the road (below).

The rest of the climb was a little steep but certainly manageable.

Below is the view looking southeast.

The road south to Shoshoni is on the far left of the shot below.

Here is another look at the road to Shoshoni with a zoom lens:

Below is the view looking north toward Wind River Canyon.

Here is the view from the summit looking west:

On the way back down, I took the shot below of the ridge we walked along to take the pictures above.

Here is another view of the road where it switches back.

This is the road across the dam.

These are some of the flowers we saw along the way during our hike.

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Steve said...

Pretty nice daddio. I can't wait to come see you guys :)