05 May 2009

Wind River Canyon, part 4

Today we decided to hike again just north of Boysen Dam by continuing where we left off in part 3 and walking to the remains of the old Boysen Dam we explored in part 2. After crossing the dam (below), we drove along the road you see on the west side of the river.

We followed the road (below) past the old tunnel and under the railroad bridge and then parked next to the second train overpass.

We started our hike by exploring the old tunnel from the north side. Here is a satellite view of the two overpasses and the openings of the tunnel.

Here is the view looking north from the tunnel opening:

The road we followed used to be the railroad bed before the new higher track bed was created so that the train could pass over the dam.

Eventually we came to what must have been the water tank and the remains of small buildings used by railroad workers. Here is a satellite view.

To the right of the tunnel is where the old Boysen Dam used to be located.

The shot below is what it looks like facing south at the mouth of the tunnel pictured above.

We walked back to the car with the railroad tracks on one side of us and the river on other.
Some of the trees trunks have been eaten by animals.

There is a campground where we parked the car, so we had our picnic lunch together with this view in the background:

Here is a shot of the campground and the railroad bridges from the highway:
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