19 May 2009

trees and bushes, part 5

Just as the crabapple trees are beginning to drop their blossoms, the lilacs have bloomed in all their glory. Thermopolis is absolutely full of them!

One of the first places to go and enjoy the lilacs is the Hot Springs State Park. Below is the bridge over the river and the entrance into the park (looking toward the high school).

In the background below is Monument Hill.

The picture above is taken in the morning, and the picture below is in the afternoon--same location in the park.

In the background (below) is the Tepee Fountain.

There are two motels which are a part of the park: Days Inn (until recently it used to be the Holiday Inn); and ...
the Plaza Hotel or the Best Western.

If you have time, walk through the alleys and get a different look of the beauty which is Thermopolis.

Then take another walk and see what Thermopolites enjoy when they drive around town.

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