28 August 2008

Hot Springs State Park: The Grounds

In the semi-arid climate of Wyoming, the grounds of HSSP are like an oasis. Families come here just to enjoy the expansive lawns.

Below is one of the favorite benches my wife and I use after a walk.

Some people like to use this observation deck to get a better view of the Bighorn River.

Others use this boat launch to float down the river.

Or you might want to enjoy watching your kids learn how to rock climb.

There are several playgrounds to occupy the young ones in your family.

This is a molded buffalo used for climbing.

Some people like to bring a book and sit next to the grassy pond.

There are benches near the waterfalls.

Have a stroll with your spouse.

Have a picnic with your family, or ...

reserve this structure for a family reunion.

If nothing is happening in the bandshell, talk to Kevin Skates, the Park Superintendent, about what is planned.

Below is the dedication plaque to this pavilion:

After walking up the stairs to the parking lot, make sure you visit with the Stegosaurus before you leave.

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