31 August 2008

Hot Springs State Park: Smoky Row Cemetery

Located in the Buffalo Pasture is Smoky Row Cemetery.

The following is quoted from a publication of the Thermopolis Independent Record newspaper:
Old Smoky Row Cemetery in Hot Springs State Park dates back to the 1890s.

Located in a gulch east of the Star Plunge, Smoky Row was living quarters for early visitors to the hot springs. They camped in crude stone-front dugouts carved into the hillside. Among those buried there are:
• Mollie Koshear, who slipped over the falls into the river below the hot springs while placing articles under the falls to be coated;
Augernose Jane, a Smoky Row character;
• Jack Berry, old soldier and mail carrier from Embar to Torrey, who dived into the first swimming pool and was killed;
• A strange woman, name unknown, described as being very large.

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