31 July 2009

stylized flowers, part 2

Based on the beauty of her previous work, I asked my future daughter-in-law to allow me to show off more of her art work. These stylized flowers are based on photographs found in earlier postings in this blog.

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27 July 2009

Hot Springs State Park: Bighorn River after rainfall

In the last number of days, we have had some unusual torrents of rain for this time of year. Because of the red soil, the Bighorn River turns a reddish brown color.

On the banks of the river, some of the foliage (below) has yet to spring to life because of the minor flooding.

My wife, who took these shots (since my camera is in for repairs), wanted us to see the sunset.

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22 July 2009

North Owl Creek Road

We had a couple of hours break today from taking care of my wife's mother, so we took a road unfamiliar to us. Here is what we found along a portion of North Owl Creek Road.

We found some abandoned farm buildings, so we stopped to take a look around.

Note the old dishwashers standing in front of the log cabin below.

Can you see the curly wire below used to reinforce the cement?

Note the dead tree in the background, a result of the years of drought Wyoming experienced in the recent past.

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