07 July 2009

Little Buffalo Basin Road

Along much of the highway from Thermopolis to Meeteetse (WY-120) are interesting rock formations. Today we decided to stop at one of them which is right next to the road and has a place to pull off and park. It's 16 miles from the center of town.

We parked the car, slid under the fence, and took these pictures.

We went on to Little Buffalo Basin Road which is just south of Meeteetse. Here is a satellite map.

It looks like much of the area surrounding this road is owned by Citation Oil and Gas Company.

Alongside the road is Little Buffalo Creek.

Farther back into the basin the creek turns into a marsh.

Near the intersection of WY-120 and Little Buffalo Basin Road are these abandoned buildings.

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See also Eagle Draw Aeromodelers post in this blog for more pictures of rock formations along WY-120.

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