18 July 2009

Castle Gardens near Ten Sleep

There are two Castle Gardens in Wyoming, one east of Riverton and another south of Ten Sleep. Just a mile west of Ten Sleep is the sign for the road which takes you to Castle Gardens. Simply follow the signs, and in around six miles you're there.

Here is the scene as you approach:

My wife and I think this looks like a man's head:

As you can see in the photograph below, there is a place to have a picnic (an outhouse is nearby).

The rocks and hills are easily climbed. We found it to be a fun place to explore.

As you can see by the sunlight, we arrived in the early evening to make sure we would enjoy the strong yellow light on the rocks. Hopefully we can return early in the morning and see how this affects the view.

All along this ridge you can climb and jump from rock to rock. It's a great place to spend at least a few hours.

Because of the heat, we returned to Ten Sleep to use their park for our picnic supper. Here is the view of the town in the distance.
Just after taking the above shot, this gentleman came by and stopped to chat (this was the first person we ran into). His name is Ted, and we found out that he is a good friend of my wife's brother who used to live in Ten Sleep. Wyoming is filled with friendly people.
We took the Old Ten Sleep Highway into town, and crossed over Nowood Creek below.
We took a side road to the town park, and we passed the home below. As you know, all things pink catch my attention because they are unusual where I come from.
Here is one of the views from the park:

Even though it was late in the evening, I walked along Ten Sleep Creek and got the following shots before joining my wife and her mother for our picnic meal:

This was the view on our way back to Worland before turning south to Thermop:

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