29 April 2009

Worland, WY, part 1

Worland is just a half hour drive north of Thermopolis and is the county seat for Washakie County. Below are pictures of Pioneer Square and the county court house.

The sign below reads:
Dedicated to those who came first
Sheltered by formidable mountains,
the Big Horn Basin for ten thousand Great Suns
nurtured hunting tribes of Crow and Sioux, Arapahoe and Shoshone
following Pte Tanka, the Buffalo, their livelihood
Trappers and gold seekers ripped and ran
Bluecoats came and went
Ranchers and farmers brought courageous wives to put down roots
to weave a new civilization here in the wilderness
They built sand and sage and water into Worland and Washakie
We honor these first families who fulfilled Isaiah's prophesy
...and the desert shall rejoice
and blossom as the rose

The steel sculptures below were created by Lyndon Fayne Pomeroy in 1989. Click here for a picture of the artist and a short biography and here for a newspaper article on him.

Across the street from Pioneer Square (see photo above) is the court house. Click here for a satellite image, and look for the northwest and northeast corners of 10th Street and Big Horn Avenue.

Below is a sculpture of Chief Washakie of the Shoshone Indians.

As the plaque says below, Peter Toth is the sculptor.

The artwork below is on the building housing the restrooms in Pioneer Square.

See also Worland, WY, part 2.

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