27 August 2009

Wyoming skies, part 8

I took these sunset photographs on US-16, just east of Meadowlark Lake in the Bighorn Mountains.

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21 August 2009

Anchor Dam, part 2

We took our youngest daughter out to Anchor Dam today. Here is one of the places we stopped to explore with her. She took most of the photographs in this post.

We found this bird nest inside one of the abandoned houses.

Our goal for our hike at Anchor Dam was to go to the wooded picnic area, cross over the bridge there, and walk along the south side of the reservoir. Click here for a satellite view.

We underestimated just how long a hike it was from the picnic area to the dam. The temperature was in the mid 90s; fortunately we took enough drinking water.

Below is what it looks like on the other side of the dam.

Here is one of the many grasshoppers who kept us company.

Compare the dried bushes on the right (below) with how they looked when they were blooming by clicking here and scrolling down to the ninth shot (there is a link to Anchor Dam at the photograph).

Just after leaving Anchor Dam, our daughter took the shot below.

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19 August 2009

Upper Nowood Road

Our children came to visit us and their grandma this summer. When our youngest came, we went back to Upper Nowood Road (south of Ten Sleep) and ate a picnic supper next to the creek that runs through the canyon about nine miles south of Big Trails.

When my children were younger, all I did was portrait photography (as far as this hobby goes). That's why this blog has sometimes been a challenge for me.

Here is a shot I took of our Sunshine, the youngest of the four, who is still in college. Click on it to enlarge.

Sunshine is studying wildlife management, and the shots which follow are some of the things which fascinated her while she was here (they don't see things like this in the upper peninsula of Michigan).

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01 August 2009

Wind River Canyon, part 6

We decided that this evening was a good time for a picnic supper in Wind River Canyon. We went to Boysen Dam, drove over it, and went down toward the railroad crossing to find a picnic table next to the river.

There, my wife found some beautiful flowers.

You can see the dam in the background below.

All of these photographs were taken by my wife. She was especially proud of capturing the red bug below on a milkweed plant.

Just before getting back on the highway to return to Thermop, she saw some more plants covering the hillside. We stopped to enjoy the beauty of this semi-arid environment.

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