19 August 2009

Upper Nowood Road

Our children came to visit us and their grandma this summer. When our youngest came, we went back to Upper Nowood Road (south of Ten Sleep) and ate a picnic supper next to the creek that runs through the canyon about nine miles south of Big Trails.

When my children were younger, all I did was portrait photography (as far as this hobby goes). That's why this blog has sometimes been a challenge for me.

Here is a shot I took of our Sunshine, the youngest of the four, who is still in college. Click on it to enlarge.

Sunshine is studying wildlife management, and the shots which follow are some of the things which fascinated her while she was here (they don't see things like this in the upper peninsula of Michigan).

See also Ten Sleep and Big Trails, WY and Upper Nowood Road and Nowater Trail.

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