21 January 2009

Gebo, WY: ghost town, part 4

In the distance you can see what is left of the stone houses of Gebo. (These shots were taken on 21 January 2009.)

West of the town is what is left of Gebo's cemetery. For a satellite image of the cemetery, click here.

Here is one more view of the ghost town in the distance.

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11 January 2009

Hot Springs State Park: mineral ponds

This first shot is one of the hills you climb on the Star Trail hike.

Below is Monument Hill.

The tower in the center of the shot below is part of Star Plunge. On either side, at the top of the hills, are the water tanks used for the park and city.

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10 January 2009

texture and color, part 4

These photographs were taken at the Hot Springs State Park.

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09 January 2009

Bighorn River

Here are some shots which contrast the effects of summer, autumn, and winter on the Bighorn River. In the first shot (looking south), the bridge leads to the main entrance of Hot Springs State Park.
On the left (below) is Monument Hill.

The following three shots were taken in October. The first looks across the river at The Wyoming Dinosaur Center & Dig Sites (the large building at the far right).

The shots above (looking south) and below (looking north) were taken on the south side of town.

The rest of these photographs were taken on the 31st of December in Lucerne, a census-designated place (CDP) just north of Thermopolis. For a satellite image of Lucerne, click here.

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08 January 2009

mailboxes and USPS, part 7

There are only a few good shots left of mailboxes in town. Here are a few of them.

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