16 November 2008

Monument Hill hike

This is the view of Monument Hill that everyone is familiar with. It says, "WORLDS LARGEST MINERAL HOT SPRINGS" along with two arrows pointing at the Hot Springs.

In the Buffalo Pasture, on the north side of the Hot Springs State Park, is the path for those who want to hike up Monument Hill.

For the steepest portions of the hike, steps have been made.

At the summit are some great panoramic views of the area.

Monument Hill is named after the monuments of stone people used to leave at its summit. Presently, there is only one there (see below) along with a film canister containing a guest book for those who wish to leave their names and a note expressing their thoughts.
This is the picture we found inside the film canister explaining the history of Monument Hill.

Below is the view looking north along highway US 20 and the Bighorn River.

This is the southern view of Hot Springs State Park and the city of Thermopolis.
The following two photographs are of the bridge and the terraces, taken with a telephoto lense. The shots were taken in November, and the one above was taken in September.

Below is the view of Monument Hill from the vantage point of T-Hill.

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