18 November 2008

Roundtop Mountain hike, part 2

Once at the summit of Roundtop, you can enjoy the panoramic views. The next two shots look southeast at the Monument Hill Cemetery and the golf course directly north of it.

The shot below looks northeast at the golf course and airport. Here is a satellite image of the area.

Below is a northerly shot with the Bighorn River in the distance.

The photograph below looks northwest.

This looks toward the southwest.

More shots of the rock formations along the edge of Rondtop's plateau:

At the center of the plateau is a grassy, rocky hill with this pole at its center.

At the base of the pole is this name plate:

On a nearby rock, which is hidden mostly underground, is securely fastened the marker below. It reads, "U.S. COAST & GEODETIC SURVEY • REFERENCE MARK • FOR INFORMATION WRITE TO THE DIRECTOR • WASHINGTON, D.C. • $250 FINE OR IMPRISONMENT FOR DISTURBING THIS MARK • THERMOPOLIS 1936"
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