20 November 2008

Owl Creek Hill Road hike, part 1

At the western edge of Thermopolis is Owl Creek Hill Road which used to connect with Highway 120 northwest of town. Now, at the top of the road's ascent, there is a dead end at the base of a hill which is used for communication towers. Most people who hike this road come to walk their dogs and turn around here, but we decided to continue up the one lane service road and see what is there.

Below is what the road looks like just after turning off of Broadway Street. Here is a satellite image and street grid of the area.

The "3/4" mile painted on the road indicates about the halfway point to the end of the road.

There are only two homes on this road. I used my daughter's telephoto lens to get these shots.

There are also two horse pens along the way.

This side road leads up to a private pet cemetery.
Here are a couple of shots of the cemetery.

Closer to the top of the road the scenery changes on the right side.

Here is where the road ends (on the right) and the service road begins (after making a U-turn). You can see what used to be the old road ahead in the distance which is now overgrown with grass.

When we went up the hill to the summit, the cable and its sign was not in use.

Here is what it looks like as you descend back into Thermopolis.
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