19 November 2008

Roundtop Mountain hike, part 3

Another way to enjoy Roundtop is to hike around its base.

Further up the road from the parking area is the natural gas pumping station, and north of this is an old dump. Such sights are not usually seen in some other parts of the States because of the money in scrap metal, and it is rare to see this next to a nature park.

Looking in the opposite direction of the dump is what you see below—quite the contrast!

Here are a few shots I took on the west side of Roundtop:

There are trails created by deer which you can follow. Below is an example that's not too obvious, but that's part of the fun.

On the north side, the soil turns a deep red:

After walking around the entire base and admiring how it changes, you may decide to climb Roundtop from a different direction than the well used path.

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