28 May 2010

Big Horn Mountains, part 4

After passing through Ten Sleep, we took US-16 east to WY-436 and climbed up the hill for maybe a mile. We were so surprised to find this beautiful canyon! Here is the satellite perspective of the area.

After enjoying the view and getting the above shots, we continued.
We like exploring, so we took a side road into BLM land and found this view. We got out of the car and hiked.

Back on WY-436, we drove for a few more miles, and then we decided to leave this area for another time. Below is where we turned around and headed to our original goal of spending the afternoon in a campground next to a mountain stream.

On US-16, I stopped at this beautiful home (the next three shots).

We then turned off onto Old Highway 16. Here is what we found along the roadside.

Click on the picture below to better see the cool bugs.

For what this area looks like in the fall, go to Big Horn Mountains, part 3.

We stopped for the afternoon at the above campground for a picnic. Neva, the camp host, was kind enough to let us stay without charging us. Thanks Neva! I took the following shots from this area.

Our picnic table was next to this creek:

This squirrel was quite upset at our presence.

It was time to go back home to Grandma. On the way, near Winchester, next to the Marathon oil tanks, I stopped to take this photograph. It is so Wyoming-ish ... and we're vegetarians!

26 May 2010