03 May 2009

Winchester, WY, part 2

The remnants of old Winchester are located just off of Highway US-20 which was built to bypass the small town. The photographs below are what most people see of it as they travel on the highway between Thermopolis and Worland.

My wife and I first wanted to visit the town's small cemetery. The road which takes you there is easy to find because it is directly across from the main entrance to this Marathon oil tank farm.

Here is the entrance, just southwest of the only tank on that side of the highway.

Up from the highway, after you pass the oil tank and a mile from the main road, there is a short road to your right which leads to the cemetery. Click here for a satellite view of the area (the entrance to the oil tank farm is in the lowest portion of the shot, and the cemetery is in the topmost portion).

Mostly members of the Winchester family are buried there.

I took the following shot just a short walk from the cemetery.
Springtime is beautiful in Wyoming. Here are two of the wildflowers I found.

After visiting the cemetery and exploring its surroundings, we stopped at this home to see if I could take pictures. Pam and her husband were very hospitable.

Pam, who did not want to be photographed, showed me her baby chicks...

... her chicken coop...
... her husband's car which he restored...

... her well-house, which houses the access to their supply of water...

... and this antique bottle. It says,

Nextdoor to Pam's place is a property which is used as a junkyard by someone in another part of the state. I thought it held some photographic possibilities.

In the very back of the property is this "men" outhouse (that's what it says at the top--if you click on the photo you might be able to see it).

If the view of nature is not what you are interested in, there are National Geographic magazines available. Then dump some lime in after you finish.

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