14 May 2009

Lost Cabin, WY

When I think of Wyoming, I think of it as the Cowboy State, but in reality sheep played a very important role. One of the biggest in the business was John B. Okie, and he built himself a mansion in the middle of sheep country. Now, however, it is in the middle of a ConocoPhillips natural gas field.

An employee of ConocoPhillips, who now lives in the mansion, informed us that his company owns all of Lost Cabin. His residence is one of the few homes which is still occupied.

To see a picture of what the Okie mansion originally looked like, click here. To see a satellite image of Lost Cabin, click here.

Lost Cabin is just three miles northeast of Lysite. This is why we visited both of these locations today.

The vacant building below is what used to be the hotel.

Here is another vacant home. Isn't the architecture attractive?

Here are two more vacant homes which stand next to each other:

The next few shots I took of the garages and sheds behind the above two houses.

The following picture matches the last picture I posted for Lysite.

Here is a photo of the natural gas plant east of Lost Cabin (photo taken on 24 June 2009):

Here is some further information about this gas field:

Wind River Basin
Covering more than 86,500 acres in Wyoming, the Madden field is operated by ConocoPhillips. Net gas production averaged 97 MMCFD in 2007 from multiple horizons ranging in depth from 5,000 feet to more than 25,000 feet, where the deep Madison formation occurs. The company owns an approximate 48 percent working interest in the Lost Cabin gas plant and net revenue interests varying from 22 percent to 40 percent in the producing reservoirs.

See also Lysite, WY and Moneta, WY.

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