23 June 2009

Moneta, WY

Twenty miles east of Shoshoni is Moneta. At least that is what this spot on the road is called where US-20/26 and Lysite Moneta Road meet. What I photographed today, below, is all that I can find of Moneta. Here is a satellite view of what I mean.

The buildings above are the buildings below.

On the northwest corner of this junction is the abandoned building below. The clouds let you know that I took the next three shots on a previous date.

What follows are a few of the sights between Moneta and Lysite, along Lysite Moneta Road.

See also Lost Cabin, WY and Lysite, WY.

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Loriann Kleist said...

My Grandma Buchta and I lived in the white house and I went to school in ShonsThe palmers owned the hotel and cafe until it burned down and the Spicers owned the brown building. I am 40 now but met the murderer Dale Eaton before he killed that poor girl. My grammar was on cold case episode ""lol miss ". I miss it. Nice pics