14 May 2009

Lysite, WY

We have met many people in Wyoming who have done their best to be helpful to us. One of them is Shagg whom I photographed in my Bonneville post. He told us that we would thoroughly enjoy visiting Lysite and Lost Cabin directly east of his little hamlet. He was right.

We decided to take the scenic route as Shagg advised, so we drove south on US-20 and took Badwater Road east past Bonneville and stayed on that road all the way to Lysite. Here is the satellite view of our trek.

Along the way I photograph this fence which had caught all the tumbleweeds blowing across the plain.

We also stopped near the entrance to Diamond X Ranch and took some pictures of the creek.

The terrain changed often. Here is one of the places we explored.

The flowers in the two photographs below were an unexpected surprise. The best time to visit Wyoming is in the spring!

Badwater Road once again meets up with the railroad.

The first place we encountered as we entered Lysite was the Recreation Center. It was about a quarter mile outside of town.

Along with a playground, it has a tennis court, a basketball court, a volleyball court, four horseshoes courts, a baseball diamond, a covered picnic area, and restrooms. It didn't appear to be used by many people.

In the 2000 census, Lysite had a population of 80.

The Lysite public library (below) is no longer being used.

In the Lysite Store, above, I met these three friends (Terri, Barb, and Ray) who were most helpful in giving me advice regarding their community. They highly recommended the book below.

The white building below appeared to be the town hall.

Here is probably the nicest home in Lysite:

And across the street is this abandoned home.

There are also abandoned log homes which are used for livestock and storage.

Here is an abandoned barn right in the middle of town:

Here is a home with a Western motif in its decor.

For me, the picture below captures the feeling of this town of a few dozen homes.

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DZRT BXR said...

I hope you bought the book. If you did you read about some of my family (ancestors). Came across your blog as a google search result looking for a phone number for the Lysite store. Ray (in one of your pictures) passed the year following this post.

dzrt bxr
descendent of the swaims and lewises