15 June 2009

Crosby, WY

In flowers, etc., part 9, we explored the area around Gebo Oil Field road. There we found foundations of buildings and the remains of many coal piles. I went home and looked on the internet for information about the road, and I discovered that we were in an old ghost town named Crosby. We went back today to take a closer look.

After turning west on Gebo Oil Field road, we passed some property which is still "under construction" (it looks vacant). The owners call it HEAD "N" BACK ACRES as you can see below.
Then we crossed over a creek where I took the next two shots because the blooming salt cedar trees caught my attention.

Here are a couple of shots of the remains of building foundations:

This satellite map will give you a better view of the remains of Crosby.

We then took the first road off to the right, as pictured below.
Just a tenth of a mile up the road we found the small fenced in cemetery below. We had to get out of the car and look around in order to see it.
The sign on the fence (below) reads, CROSBY GRAVE SITE 1907 - 1933. If you click on the photograph, it will enlarge so that you can see the words.

There is only one grave stone, and it reads, Infant Dau. Of Pearl & Zimri Houser Born June 21, 1912.

There are other graves there, but they are only marked by a circle of stones:

The road past the small cemetery leads to Gebo, but we only made it part of the way in our car (a pickup could easily make it). The remainder served as a nice hike. Here is a satellite map of the directions from Thermopolis to Crosby and then to Gebo.

We spent the rest of our time looking for flowers, as you can see.

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