25 June 2009

Grass Creek, WY

Today we set out to discover a place called Grass Creek, about a half hour drive northwest of Thermop and just over eight miles west of WY-120. Here is the satellite map.

Below is what the countryside looks like at the junction of WY-120 and WY-171. The first shot is looking east, and the second shot is looking west.

The sandstone formations along the road looked interesting, so we stopped to explore just after turning off of WY-120.

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Because of all the recent rain, we looked for flowers and plants.

We then continued on down the road toward Grass Creek...

... but soon we saw this abandoned building in the distance and decided it had some photographic possibilities.

To get to the abandoned farm, we crossed over Grass Creek (the creek, not the place). Yes, that's a portion of an old car buried next to the creek. If you find this unusual, see the last picture in my Anchor Dam post.

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For more shots of barrels, like the one below, click here.

In what is left of the house, note the bathtub in the foreground below.

Here are two more shots of flowers and plants we found on the property.

From the abandoned homestead, we drove on toward Grass Creek. Like Hamilton Dome, the closer we got, the more oil drilling we found.

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There are a handful of homes which make up Grass Creek and its surroundings, but most of Grass Creek seems to be owned by Marathon Oil Company. Here is the center of Grass Creek:

Click here for a satellite view of the above and below shots.

One of the nicer places, just beyond the pictures above, is this location below called HorseWorks Wyoming, and the real estate sign out front says it's for sale.

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