14 July 2009

Big Horn Mountains, part 1

Before we take pictures of an area, we often drive through it to scout the surroundings and see the best way of taking pictures. We did this today by driving up the Big Horn Mountains and taking a side road in order to get out and see the surrounding. Here is the route we took.

The flowers are still in bloom and everything is green. Here is what we enjoyed.

The above and below shots go together.

See also Big Horn Mountains, part 3, part 2.

For more flowers (in the reverse order they were taken), see also Castle Gardens near Ten Sleep (second half); Highway US-20, part 2; Hot Springs State Park: trees and flowers, part 2, part 1; Crosby, WY (second half); Wind River Canyon, part 5; Mutt's daffodils; Hot Springs State Park: Flower Gardens.

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Joy said...

wow! that little curvy stream was really cool!