20 July 2009

Big Horn Mountains, part 2

After getting gas at the Maverik station in Thermopolis, we drove to the mountains east of Ten Sleep. In less than an hour and a half we arrived...

... here at this idilic spot.

As you can see from the photograph below, these ponds were created by beavers.

You will need to click on the picture below to see the beaver home.

The above dam is needed to make these ponds because of the slopes like the one below.

After exploring the ponds, we drove higher into the mountains.
Some day in the future, we will have to visit Bellyache Flats, but we started to run out of time and so we turned around here.

Just outside of Ten Sleep, we stopped to see this public access to Ten Sleep Creek.

Closer to Ten Sleep, we stopped to photograph this building:

We didn't have time to get a closer look at the next two old buildings just east of Ten Sleep. We'll have to save that for the future.

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Joy said...

the 9th pic down, the one just above the dam made by beavers, is beautiful! sorry it has taken me so long to check these out... but i'm really enjoying them!