04 July 2009

Red Lane, WY, part 1

On the 22nd of June and then again today my wife and I took photographs of two abandoned houses and the adjoining area. This is located in a place called Red Lane which is a couple of miles north of town on US-20, just on the other side of T-hill.

This is the second house:

There are also a variety of other smaller buildings and structures.

The shed above contains the collection below.

On the south side of the houses is what appears to be a junkyard, but it doesn't seem to be a working one. Everything is overgrown.

The picture below is from the window in the above truck.

There are numerous mobile homes abandoned there.

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Joy said...

i really like the variety of pictures you have. there are such wonderful flowers, but then also the buildings and vehicles. i'm really enjoying this, dad!