14 October 2008

autumn colors, part 8

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See also Hot Springs State Park: autumn colors.

For more flowers (in the reverse order they were taken), see also Big Horn Mountains, part 2; Castle Gardens near Ten Sleep (second half); Highway US-20, part 2; Big Horn Mountains, part 1; Hot Springs State Park: trees and flowers, part 2, part 1; Crosby, WY (second half); Wind River Canyon, part 5; Mutt's daffodils; Hot Springs State Park: Flower Gardens.

See also trees and bushes, part 6, part 5, part 4, part 3, part 2, part 1.

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Anonymous said...

What a delight to find your "blog"!I was born in Thermopolis and spent many years there. Your "perspectives" brought back such wonderful memories of a much simpler and gentler way of life. The photography is wonderful - I will certainly return to your blog often. Thanks for the memories!