20 October 2008

Wyoming skies, part 1

I took these pictures by shutting down the aperture of the camera in order to reduce the amount of light. In other words, by directing the lens of my point-and-click camera at the most brilliant part of the sky, then depressing the shutter release button halfway, and finally moving the camera to compose the shot, these colors are attained even though the naked eye cannot see them fully.

The above shot is facing east to the sunrise, and the one below is looking west (note the reflection of the sun on the moon).

Again, the two shots above are facing east and southeast, and the one below is facing west. I find the best place to take these sunrise shots is from the mini-plateau between Broadway and Warren Streets and east of 10th Street.

The rest of the photographs below are of sunsets, except for the rainbow which I took facing east.

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