08 October 2008

lawn ornaments, part 4

The citizens of Thermop are beginning to put away their summer lawn ornaments and display their autumn ones. So before the season totally passes, here is more of what I photographed in the last few months.

I was admiring the beauty of the flowers, below, when Jim came out and introduced himself. Before I knew it, he was straightening up his yard to make sure that I got the best shots possible (I have used photographs from his home in a few other postings). People like Jim make my hobby fun. Thanks Jim.

After taking the shot below, Pat came out to ask what I was up to. After explaining, she invited me into her home to admire how she and her husband, Chris, had remodeled their home and to see the before-and-after pictures. This type of friendliness is part of the Thermopolis culture.

Anna returned from work when I was trying to compose a shot. After chatting with me for about ten minutes, she invited me into her backyard to see the beauty of her work. The last three shots are of Anna's garden. Thanks Anna.

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