02 September 2008

Star Plunge

Located within Hot Springs State Park, but privately owned, is Star Plunge.

When my children were in high school, we came to Thermopolis to visit, and one of the attractions they enjoyed was Star Plunge. However, they had to get used to the warm water ("It's like you're in a bath tub!") and the murky water which is the result of the minerals. The temperature of the inside pool is 94-98 degrees Fahrenheit and the outdoor pool is kept at 90-94.
Competitive pools are kept no warmer than 80 degrees.

There are two inside Jacuzzies and one outside which are kept at 104 degrees.

There is also a patio area with colorful umbrellas to shelter the patrons from the sun while they enjoy a treat from the snack bar.

Here is one of the attractions in the patio area mentioned above.

Below is the diving board.

For young children there is a 60 foot water slide.

An all weather water slide (330 feet) curves around a 60 foot tower which houses the stairs and ends in the indoor pool.

Finally, there is the 500 foot water slide which is built on the side of a hill. It's all great exercise!

If you're still not warm enough, you can sit in the Vapor Cave which is cut into the hill, and enjoy the hot mineral water which naturally heats the room to 118 degrees. When I experienced this room, a German man gave me the sales pitch on the health benefits of the water and then proceeded to drink it directly from the miniature fountain.

In the lobby is a postcard from 1916 (pictured below--the lights of the lobby are reflecting on the glass). Click on the picture to enlarge it. Here is what the poem says:

Big Horn Hot Springs, Thermopolis, Wyo.
Here I am at last in the good old town
Thermopolis! the city of renown,
Famed for its wonderful Hot Water Springs
Of its healing merits the poets sing.
If you are ill and cannot sleep at night,
Then come and bathe and you will feel all right.
If you are weary and tired of life,
Of its tribulations and ceaseless strife,
If you are old and worn and feeling blue,
Then drink Hot Spring Water, it will life renew.
If your brian feels numb from over application,
Of Book-keeping, Fractions and Multiplication,
The Hot Spring Water will restore your brian
To its normal condition and relieve the strain.
Have your deepest affections been misplaced?
Is your heart broken and sadly defaced
Do you look in the future with hopeless despair?
No hope of love, no pleasure, awaits you there.
If these afflictions are yours, my friend.
Then cheer up! for these troubles will end.
If you will come to the Hot Springs and soak
As long as you can without going broke;
And dive and swim from morning till night.
Till your grief is submerged and your heart is light,
And drink five gallons of Hot Water a day.
Then you’ll be happy, and then you’ll be gay.

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