24 September 2008

deer at home in Thermopolis

It is difficult to describe to my out-of-state friends just how many deer find their home in Thermopolis. Every day I encounter them. They are everywhere, wandering across streets to hunt for their next meal or resting in the shade. I would describe them as semi-tame, and most people in Thermop accept them as a part of their community.

(None of the following photographs was taken with a high-powered telephoto lens—just a simple point-and-shoot camera.)

During the winter months, deer eat the bark off trees, and often people leave their tree fences up year-round.

Roses are a treat for deer, so they need special protection.

A mature deer can jump an ordinary fence, so some gardeners take extra precautions.

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Thalassic said...

These pictures are great!! Loved them all. It would be amazing to see this every day!! Thanks for sharing!