12 March 2009

Wind River Canyon, part 1

Since this may be the last snow of the season, I thought it wise to borrow my daughter's 12x zoom camera and take some pictures of the Wind River Canyon which is immediately south of Thermopolis.

Highway US-20 runs on the east side of the Wind River, and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad runs on the west side. This is how you can tell if a photograph below is looking north or looking south.

The Wind River and the Bighorn River are two names for the same river. The name change occurs at the Wedding of the Waters, which is between Thermopolis and the canyon.

I took the shot below from Rimrock Drive in Thermopolis. To see a satellite image of this, click here.

There are around a dozen places to pull over and take pictures, and a couple of them have picnic shelters. This is the first picnic area, and this shot looks north to the beginning of the canyon entrance.

The following two photographs look at the northern entrance. The first is a standard wide angle shot, and the second is with the zoom lens.

I stood next to the house in the center to take the first shot in this series.

There are a few homes along the highway, and below is what is left of one of them.

The next three shots were taken from the same spot, just different directions.

We didn't have time to do the whole canyon. In a future post, I will have to shoot the three tunnels that you pass through on US-20 and take shots of Boysen State Park and Boysen Dam.

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