03 March 2009

Upper East River Road hikes, part 1

If you enjoy hiking, there are a few places to hike just north of town and on the east side of the river. Just 2.1 miles from the Star Plunge parking lot is a road which leads to the rock formation below (if you get to the river access parking lot, you have passed it by a half mile). From all the graffiti and broken beer bottles, it is probably a place where teenagers have gone to hang out.

A pickup truck is required to climb the road, so we parked on the shoulder and walked. By the way, the soil here is hard when dry, but it turns to soft clay when wet. Always park on gravel in such conditions or you'll regret it.

Most of these shots were taken back in October, but a couple I took on the 3rd of March. The last two were taken on the 20th of January just after daybreak.

For a satellite image of this location, click here.

The next three shots have Roundtop Mountain in the background.

My wife found these rocks on the ground and put them in order of size. It is interesting what erosion does.

We hiked the hill in the background below on a subsequent day. I'll show you those pictures in my next blog posting.

These last two shots, taken in January, early in the morning, are good examples of how sunlight and the time of day affect the colors here in Wyoming.

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