17 April 2009

Gooseberry Scenic Area, part 4

Sometimes it takes effort to slow down and take a better look at what you're passing. Today we decided to do that along WY-431 on our way to the Gooseberry Scenic Area.

I like looking at how people mark their territory. Here are a few examples I found along the way.

Can you imagine having this view (above and below) every time you check your mailbox?!

Since we hadn't fully explored Dutch Nick Road the last time we were here (see part 3), we thought this would be a good place to take a hike.

Just beyond the scenic area is a small reservoir. Here is a satellite view of this area.

I did use a zoom lens to photograph this rabbit, but I wasn't that far away. It didn't seem scared, and it did a good job of staying still long enough to let me get this shot.

Here are a couple more shots I took on the way back to the car.

This is the sign at the junction of WY-431 and Dutch Nick Road.
Here is a close-up of the sign above. Someone in Wyoming has a sense of humor.

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1 comment:

Isaius said...


I'm Isa from France. Next year, I will travel from South Dakota to Wyoming for a few days (next I plan to visit Utah).

I have only one day to go to Cody from Buffalo. First, I thought it would be great to take road 14 and see Medicine Wheel... but watching at your pictures, I dont' know... Gooseberry Area seems to be very beautiful !
Did you walk a lot to see these wonderful rocks ? I won't have time to hike for hours. A 4WD is necessary ? On that day, I only want to take good time on a scenic road, seeing beautiful and unique landscapes.

Your photos are wonderful, thanks for sharing, and thanks in advance for your help.