23 December 2008

Eagle Draw Aeromodelers

Six miles northwest from the Visitor Center and maybe a hundred yards east on an unnamed road just off of WY-120, is the Eagle Draw Aeromodelers runways. It follows the regulations published by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (according to documents posted there). This satellite image may help you find the location--click here.

These shots were taken on the 5th of November.

Below is a southerly view of WY-120 from atop a small hill nearby. You can see in the distance (left) the building for viewers of this hobby.
Here is a shot looking northwest toward Cody.

Below is the view from atop the same hill looking northeast.

This is the view looking southeast.

Here are a few close-ups from that same hill.

We climbed another small hill nearby. This is what it looked like.

There are numerous ridges like this. For perspective, you can see my wife in the distance on the right.

See also Little Buffalo Basin Road post in this blog for more pictures of rock formations along WY-120.

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