07 December 2008

Buffalo Creek Road, part 1

"Wyoming is the 5th driest state in the Union, and drought is a constant threat in our region. Since 1999, much of Wyoming has been gripped by moderate to severe drought. The intensity of this drought event has varied from year to year, and counties or regions within the state have experienced varying levels of drought impacts. However, this drought has been a significant event by any measure, and we will continue to feel its effects for years to come. Conditions have eased somewhat in mid-2008, but a near decade with warm temperatures and relatively little precipitation has left us very vulnerable." (quoted from a University of Wyoming website)

The cottonwood trees along this mostly dry creek bed show the effects of the drought.

Cottonwoods can grow to be big trees. Below, note the relative size between my wife and the trees she is standing next to.

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