25 December 2008

Christmas lawn decorations

Thermopolis, like all communities during the Christmas season, has an interesting mix of the secular and the religious. On most blocks there is at least one home which has put a lot of effort into decorating for the holiday season.

The yard below caught our eye because of Santa on a motorcycle placed next to a manger scene. By the way, these plastic figures require a blower to continually fill them with air.

The gingerbread house above is in the same yard as the religious scene below.

Note the moose witnessing the birth of Christ.

The yard below looked terrific at night, but my simple point-and-shoot camera did a poor job of capturing many of the evening shots I took. Upon seeing many of these yards, such as this one, my wife and I wondered where Thermopolites store all this stuff.

Below, note the three Wise Men with Mary and baby Jesus, and in the scene behind it is Santa on a tractor.

The home below truly went above and beyond the call of duty in their decorations. For my Halloween blog post I presented five shots to show their dedication.

The photograph below is from the Hot Springs State Park. None of the buffalo, however, has a red nose.

Below is the Pioneer Cowboy and Horse in downtown Thermopolis.

Cultural anthropologists have always studied the way a culture treats death to tell them something about the way the culture does life. What follows are three examples of graves in the Riverside Cemetery.

The use of a cross (below) at Christmastime is new for me. I have seen it used in a few yards to commemorate this holiday.

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