01 July 2008

Pioneer Cowboy and Horse

Tourism plays an important role here. The downtown is attractive and invites visitors to take out their cameras.

The bronze Pioneer Cowboy and Horse can be seen on Broadway Street (Highway WY-120) at 6th Street (Highway US-20). Most of these photographs were taken just before sunset.

The statue was designed by sculptor Carl Jensen of Wheatland, Wyoming. "The cowboy is depicted sifting dirt through his hands, standing beside his quarterhorse." (29 June 2000 Independent Record, the Thermopolis weekly newspaper)

The theme is, "From this soil come the riches of the world."
"The soil theme was chosen because of its relationship to many of the forces behind the development of Thermopolis: farming, ranching, mining and minerals and now fossils."

"According to Jensen, the man weighs 250-300 pounds and was modeled after a picture of [Allen 'Butch'] Schweighart [who spearheaded the statue effort]. Ten pieces were cast, then welded together to create the piece."

"The horse weighs about 1,500-2000 pounds, bears Jensen's brand and is modeled after one of his favorite horses."

According to Carl Jensen, "The 88-bar brand is an old one from southeast Wyoming, and was used by McFarland in territorial times." (phone conversation)

"The wide area on both sides of the base ... feature[s] livestock brands from area ranches, the black letters etched in corian. Each of the 138 brand owners paid $100 to have the brand listed."

"Small details, such as buttons and the functional spurs were enhanced during casting through use of a special silicon bronze compound. The varied shades for skin tones, clothing and leather were created using acid washes."

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See also Broadway Street businesses and corner of Broadway and 5th.

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