06 July 2008

Broadway Street businesses

Here are some of the businesses on Broadway between 5th and 6th streets.

Nature's Corner, a health food store

Storyteller: books, gifts, and espresso

Bamboo Garden Chinese Restaurant

Keeping You In Stitches: quilting supplies, gifts, plus much more

Flying Eagle Gallery

Pumpernick's Family Restaurant

WOW: the Wyoming Outlet Wholesale store

Broadway Bygones, an antique store

Tegeler & Associates, insurance

Owl Creek Graphics: custom embroidery and imprinted sportswear
Navigator's Needle, a yarn and needlecraft store

Needful Things Emporium

(below) Four Winds Trading Post, a consignment store

The swastika, as it is used on the facade of the above building, has nothing to do with the Nazi Party. For a history of this symbol, click here.

If you enjoy history like I do and you are a Thermopolite, then you will be interested in knowing that the building which now houses the Four Winds Trading Post used to house the Post Office, and two other stores called Carolyn Amelia's Ladies Wearing Apparel and Varney's. The signs are barely visible if you enlarge the following three shots.

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