01 July 2008

about Carl E. Jensen

Sculptor of Pioneer Cowboy and Horse

Mr. Jensen does not have a web site explaining and illustrating his talents as an artist and sculptor. The following is taken from his brochure which he sent to me after inviting me to his home (part of Wyoming hospitality).

Carl E. Jensen
The goal of every artist is to get the viewer to identify with his work. Sculptor and painter Carl E. Jensen has done just that. Having grown up on a Montana ranch and having known the hardships and happiness of rural America, he has the insight and compassion that shows so much of his works.

At nineteen, Carl went to the U.S. Air Force where he spent four years traveling and going to school, studying art when ever he had the chance and painting a record of his travels. When he returned to Montana the home ranch was being run by his brother and finding there was no chance for himself there, he went to work for the Boeing Company. He worked, traveled and went to school at night, studying art in many different colleges and universities across the West and Midwest.

In 1974 Carl returned to the land, farming and ranching north of Wheatland, Wyoming. This was compatible with his art, giving him the winter months to do his art and late falls to study his inspirations.

Carl made a life-size bronze dog to watch over his parents at Lewistown, Montana's cemetery. At Lewistown's fairgrounds he created a life-size work horse. He has a life-size horse and rider at the state fair grounds in Douglas, Wyoming. For Thermopolis, Wyoming he created a horse and standing cowboy and individuals representing each branch of the military. For the Fred Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan he created a life-size work horse and numerous other sculptures. He has sculptures scattered throughout the world.

On another panel of his brochure it states:
When driving through Wyoming, come visit Carl E. Jensen at his home. He will give you a tour through his studio and let you view sculpture in its various stages before being bronzed. He's in the phone book, the welcome mat is out and the coffee pot is always on.

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